In October this year I will be seeking your support to be elected as a councillor in the City of Wyndham.

I have spent the vast majority of my life as a resident of this community, I grew up in Hoppers Crossing, bought my first home in Tarneit where I started a family and I now live in Hoppers Crossing again.

I come with political experience, having been a member of State Parliament from 2010 to 2014 and having had a twenty-year career in political offices.

I am no longer a member of the Liberal Party as my views have become divergent from the direction that party seems to be heading.

I have no political aspirations or party allegiances which means I am focused on the job of representing our community as a councillor.

My involvement in the local community remains strong as I am the President of the Hoppers Crossing Soccer Club, President of non-profit group Wyndham Brickfest, President of the Wyndham Lego Users Group and I am a member of the Werribee Football Club to name just a few of my activities.

I want to see Wyndham prosper as a place to live, work and play. We need to ensure planning decisions are coherent to our community while encouraging local jobs. The amenity of our parks needs to be maintained and council service delivery needs to be affordable and accountable to ratepayers.

We do have a great community, and I want only to improve on what we already have.

This is why I am standing for the council elections, to ensure the communities in Heathdale Ward and broader Wyndham have a strong voice to express our needs.


Andrew Elsbury

Heathdale Ward